Invest – Grow your wealth by investing in our vehicle rent to buy scheme

We have highlighted the potential returns, benefits and risks below

       Key Statistics

  9-11% target return each year.

  • Investments range from £1,500 to £1,000,000+;

  • Vehicles leased typically range from £4,000 to £8,000;

  • We have leased 100’s of vehicles;

  • The UK is the third largest leasing market in the world;

  • Earn a target return between 9% and 11%;

  • We are a established vehicle rental/finance/leasing company and have been involved in vehicles since 2010

Key Benefits

  There are some great investment benefits:

  • Earn a targeted return of 9 to 11%; 

  • Investments are in real assets;

  • We do all the hard work and pay you a larger percentage of the profit;

  • Working with industry professionals;

  • Long history in financial services;

  • When the Leasee pays us fully each month, we pay you your principal, plus target interest
    (your profit).

The Risks

To date everyone of our investors have earned their 9% to 11% expected returns.  We cannot however predict the future.  

​Loss of capital – In certain circumstances you may receive less money than you have invested.  These circumstances would exist where a contract hire customer had stopped paying their contract hire leasing fees, followed by ourselves being unable to release or sell the vehicle to cover the shortfall.

​Projected returns are based on the interest that end users are required to pay as part of the car hire fees on the vehicle.  If the end user fails to pay their car hire fees then the actual returns paid to you may be lower than expected.

​We would however take steps to ensure the end users continue paying for the lease agreement or look to repossess the vehicle.

​Lease terms – Once you commit to a lease term you would not be able to get your full investment back until the end of the lease term, subject to client payments. 

Tax – It would be your responsibility to be aware of any tax obligations.  We do not give any advice, but according to regulatory guidelines, this suggests you consult with an appropriate tax advisor.  Your tax position is dependent on your circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

Financial services compensation scheme – Any investment you make with us is not covered by the financial services compensation scheme.  Further information can be found at www.fscs.org.uk   

​Other risks – Leasing is quite a safe investment, but we cannot fully guarantee this. We do however, try to reduce the risk by following a number of measures which include credit checks and underwriting checks.  We will also advise you on which vehicle or vehicles your money is against by giving you the registration number and or VIN number. ​​

Important Notice – Your capital may be at Risk.  The value of your investment may reduce in value and the actual returns may be lower than expected.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

The Benefits

High rates of return – up to 11% return on investment.

Huge market – Your money will be used to purchase vehicles that will be leased out.

​UK Leasing Market – The UK is the third largest leasing market in the world and people who lease vehicles normally need a car to get them around and to work.

Added bonus – We do all the work, we lease the cars out to people and or businesses via ourselves or reputable third party credit brokers who must be registered with the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association).  We also carry out credit checks on people and businesses. 

​Experience and prestige – We have been leasing cars for many years under different well known brands, plus our directors have been in the financial services industry and financial services technology industry for more than two decades, working with and for some of the largest financial services companies in the world, including insurance, banks, lenders and investment companies.

Added security – Even if a client or business does not pay, then after a number of consecutive missed payments we will aim to repossess the vehicle, which we would look to either re-lease or sell, reducing the risk.

​Assets – Your investment will be put into purchasing real physical assets (vehicles), plus these assets (vehicles) tend to be a lot cheaper than property.  Also, if you have a larger budget to invest, then you would be spreading the risk through multiple vehicles.

​Bank returns – With bank interest payments since the post credit crunch of 2008, and many bank interest payments running at less than inflation in the UK, at our rates of return, your money would have earned much more than inflation between this period.  When your money earns less than inflation each year, it actually means that this money is worth less each year.

​Technology – We use people to make decisions and technology to automate mundane processes.  We are constantly improving our technology so that even you as an investor will be able to view the performance of your investment online.

​Return on investment – To date everyone of our investors have earned their 9% to 11% target returns.

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