Chasing late payments can be a time consuming process…

It takes the focus away from core business practices, and it can leave a very nasty taste in the mouth at the same time. However, by using a professional debt collection company who specialises in dealing with slow paying clients and customers who do not pay their debts, it can be possible to refocus your attention back to your business and return the money that is owed. With our simple two-step process we can assist you through each stage of your debt collection procedure, helping you to recover the money owed to your business.

Chase overdue payments with our convenient letter sending service that sends payment reminders and notifications to customers when they haven’t paid you on time.

Simply search for the debtor in question through the Creditsafe system, enter the amount of debt owed, choose from the range of templates and Creditsafe will then send the chasing letters on your behalf.

What are the benefits?

No win no fee

Minimise costs and only pay if we successfully recover the debt for you.

Hassle free

Our partners have over 20 years proven experience with debt collection.

International collections

Through Creditsafe, you can recover debts from around the world.

Professional Debt Collection

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of debt collection, our Professional Debt Collection partners can take on your referred debt and chase it for you.

Simply search the Creditsafe system for the company that owes you money, enter the invoice details, and choose the partner you would like to use. Your chosen partner will then use their wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge to try and collect your invoice for you.

What’s more, our specially selected partners work on a no-win, no-fee basis so you won’t pay a penny unless your debt is collected.

Refer your debt in seconds

You can refer your debt to our debt collection partner in seconds using our easy to use system. Access the debt collection function from within a company’s credit report or set up a new referral with only a few details needed to start the process.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. 2nd Chance Group provide a no-win, no-fee debt collection service and use trusted debt collection partners to help recover lost money.

Yes. Through 2nd Chance Group Debt Collection Service you can recover debts from international companies. Our service will identify which partner firm is based in the country of the debtor in order to recover the monies owed. These teams are aware of local laws and customs which are incorporated into their negotiations to increase success rates.

At the point of referral, the 2nd Chance Group Debt Collection team agree an approach, the content and timings of letters issued, as well as phone calls, plus reporting formats and legal action options if required.

Yes. 2nd Chance Group Debt Collection services include Non-Limited companies and Sole Traders, as well as B2C recoveries.

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