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Is an IVA right for me?

If you want to enter into an IVA, there are a number of things to ask yourself: Do I want to cut my payments to an affordable level? We’re going to assume the answer to this question is ‘yes’. After all, it’s unlikely that you’d be thinking about any kind of debt solution, let alone […]

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How does an IVA work?

An IVA works by allowing you to repay a portion of what you owe over a specific length of time in instalments agreed with your creditors. Once this term has finished, an IVA writes off the outstanding balance that you owe and gives you freedom from your debts. In the sections below, we’re going to […]

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What are the pros and cons of an IVA?

An IVA, like any debt solution, has both pros and cons. If you’re thinking about entering into an IVA, it’s really important that you look at both the advantages and disadvantages it offers so that you’re prepared for how it might affect your life. While you’re reading about this solution, you should bear in mind […]

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Do I qualify for an IVA?

In order to enter into an IVA, you need to be sure that it’s right for your situation and that you qualify. To find out whether an IVA is right for you or not, you need to speak to a trained Insolvency Practitioner (IP). The first, and one of the most important factors, is where […]

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